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VirtaPay Traffic Exchange

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Buy with VirtaPay

VirtaPay is a new payment processor currently in pre-launch. MousetrapTraffic is an Early Bird - we pay our surfers through VirtaPay !

Paid Surfing

You get paid $0.25 VirtaPay dollar for every site you surf! Directly to your VirtaPay account. Surf & Claim up to VP$125.00 a day! Trade Virtapay for real USD * Play with Virtapay for a real USD Jackpot! We pay 1% weekly interest on your Virtapay acoount at Mousetraptraffic!

Cheap Advertising

On MousetrapTraffic you can buy a PERMANENT spot in the rotator for VP$1200 per year. You can change the site in that spot as often as you like - no credits needed. Many other advertsing options at extremely low prices!

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